Air Compresser Station High Energy Consumption Reasons

KOTECH Compressed air stationhigh energy consumption reasons

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Air Compresser Station High Energy Consumption Reasons

According to the relevant statistical data of China’s Energy Foundation and Standardization Committee, the annual electricity consumption of air compressors accounts for about 6% ~ 9% of the total electricity generation in the country. In 2018, the electricity consumption of air compressors in the country is about 420 billion kW·h, of which the effective energy consumption only accounts for 66%, and the remaining 34% of the energy (about 142.04 billion kW·h, The annual power generation equivalent to 1.5 Three Gorges DAMS is wasted.

Usually, it is recognized that the energy consumption cost of air compressor station house accounts for about 20% of the factory operation cost, so the system energy saving of air compressor station house needs to be fully carried out.

Air Compresser Station

The reason of high energy consumption of compressed air station (Air Compresser Station)

Air in all walks of life have different requirements, the air compressor performance requirements are different, some enterprises in the air compressor unit of choose and buy, an investment of too much emphasis on equipment, air compressor performance index and energy consumption index, rather than for an accurate assessment of their own gas properties, resulting in improper equipment type selection, eventually possible equipment exhaust pressure and displacement is too large, and the actual use do not match, It causes a large margin, reduces the running efficiency of the device, and wastes a large amount of resources.

According to the United States Department of Energy’s investigation on the percentage of air compressor load of enterprises using compressed air worldwide, the load rate of air compressor in China is only 66%, far lower than the world average level. It can be seen that the utilization rate of air compressor equipment in China is still low, and there is a lot of room for improvement.

The reason of high energy consumption of compressed air station 

The traditional Air Compresser Station generally adopts manual duty control. The start and stop of air compressor need to be adjusted at any time according to the production demand. According to the production scheduling demand, workers carry out corresponding start and stop operations for air compressor.

  1. High energy consumption during unloading

When the air compressor equipment is loaded and running, the equipment starts to generate a large impact current, which not only poses a threat to the safe and stable operation of the power grid, but also causes a serious waste of resources. Air compressor equipment unloading run-time compression is still in the running state of the motor, the no-load operation, in terms of traditional control mode of air compressor, the energy consumption under no-load running state is equipment under full load operation of more than 20% of the energy consumption, some air compressor running light can amount to 40% of energy consumption, energy consumption accounts for 9% ~ 18% of total energy consumption, electricity serious resource waste.

Air Compresser Station

  1. High energy consumption for climbing

The loading and unloading control mode makes the pressure of compressed gas run between the lowest working pressure value (that is, the lowest pressure to ensure the normal operation of the user – loading pressure) and the highest working pressure (unloading pressure). The pressure difference is generally above 1bar. Through theoretical calculation and practical testing, it is known that the energy consumption increases by 4 ~ 8% for every 1 bar increase in air compressor pressure.

The reason of high energy consumption of compressed air station (Air Compresser Station)

  1. Unreasonable pipeline design

Air compressor exhaust reaches the end before after cooler, dryer, filters, valves and pipes, etc., in the process of transmission because of the pipe diameter, pipe head and length design not ignore damaged exhaust pressure, exhaust pressure loss of per 1 bar, the corresponding power will loss more than 7.5%, thus optimize the pipeline network can further reduce air compressor station system energy consumption.

  1. Compressed airleakage

Compressed air leakage is a major hidden danger of air compressor station. The equipment working environment of Air Compresser Station is complex, the equipment maintenance workload is heavy, and the pipe network of air compressor station has problems such as holes, seal aging or loosening. If not repaired in time, the compressed gas leakage of pipe network will be aggravated, and the energy efficiency loss of air compressor station will be increased.

According to statistics, the leakage of compressed gas in Air Compresser Station accounts for about 20% ~ 25% of the total output of compressed air, and its loss is amazing. Reducing the leakage of compressed air is also an important means to improve the energy saving efficiency of air compressor station.

  1. waste heat waste

Authority according to the test results, the consumption of air compressor compressed air power was only 10% of the total power consumption, the remaining 90% of the electricity consumption is turned into heat energy, but in most enterprises, the heat energy produced is compressed air could not be fully utilized, there are serious waste heat waste phenomenon, due to the temperature of the equipment operation request, The oil and air mixed steam caused by the high heat generated by compressed air will be discharged into the atmosphere as “waste heat” through the heat dissipation system of the Air Compresser Station, and the temperature of this part of “waste heat” is usually between 80 ° C and 100 ° C.

The power consumed by producing these “waste air” accounts for about 25% to 30% of the input power of the air compressor. The waste heat waste of air compressor is also one of the reasons for the high energy consumption of air compressor station.

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