How to Buy an Air Compressor for Glass Industry?

Air Compressor for Glass Industry

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How to Buy an Air Compressor for Glass Industry – Air Compressor Buying Guide

As we all know, the air compressor is the main equipment of the glass bottle factory. According to different processes, the air used by the ordinary pressure blowing line type bottle making machine is divided into low pressure 0.22Mpa and high pressure 0.30Mpa, and its power consumption accounts for more than 30-50% of the total power consumption of all equipment. With the technical innovation and development of the air compressor industry, the energy efficiency of the new generation of screw air compressor has been further improved for energy conservation!

The new low pressure energy saving screw air compressor can save more than 15-30% energy than the regular pressure air compressor in the application of glass bottle factory in the future. Therefore, the correct selection of screw air compressor for glass industry will bring us a significant reduction in energy consumption and cost.

Air Compressor for Glass Industry

How to buy an air compressor for glass industry? below 3 types of compressors, which type of compressor is th best choice?

1. Low pressure piston air compressor, it has large vibration, high noise, high maintenance cost, and gradually decreasing air delivery, so it is not recommended to be used in glass industry.

2. Low pressure single screw air compressor, normally with pressure 0.4Mpa, it has low noise but high energy consumption, and also gradually decreasing air delivery each year of operation, which is also not recommended.

3. Low pressure double crew air compressor. It is a newly developed energy saving models. It is developed and manufactured for the low pressure industry.Kotech low pressure double screw compressor is widely used in glass factory and plants, saving about 15%~30% energy compared with low pressure piston compressor and low pressure single screw compressor.

Kotech is an professional low pressure screw air compressor manufacturer, as a pioneer British air compressor brand. It’s low pressure screw compressor can be made from 1.5bar to 6bar according to the requirement of different industries. Below is one installation case of low pressure double screw air compressor for glass factory, total 6 units of 250kw low pressure screw air compressors and 3units of 132kw low pressure screw air compressors are used in this glass factory, if you are looking for air compressor to be used for glass industry, warmly welcome to discuss with Kotech team!

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