Compressed Air Solution for Shipbuilding Industry

Shipbuilding is an industry that has been around for centuries. The process of building a ship has not changed much over the years, but there are some new technologies that are being used in shipbuilding that are making the process more efficient. One of these new technologies is the use of compressed air.

Air Compressor for Food Production – 100% Oil-Free!

100% oil-free Air compressor for food production

We are very proud to introduce our new air compressor for the food production industry. It is 100% oil-free and meets all the requirements for this challenging environment. View now, the KDOF series of 100% Oil Free Dry Screw Air Compressor.

The reason and treatment method for air compressor jumping

The reason and treatment method for air compressor jumping

Usually referred to as the air compressor jump, refers to the compressor overload protector being disconnected, resulting in compressor shutdown. Generally, the recovery time after the overload protector jumps open is long, and the compressor can not be used normally at this time. There are a variety of reasons for air compressor jumping, the most common is high-temperature jump.