10 Things You Didn’t Know About Air Compressors

10 Things You Didn't Know About Air Compressors

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10 Things You Didn’t Know About Air Compressors

When buying a rotatory screw air compressor, many people do not know how much kw of screw compressor to buy or how much pressure to choose. They also don’t have the basic knowledge about the screw compressor station.

Below 10 Things You Didn’t Know About Air Compressors, you didn’t know about air compressors but it shall be known:

  1. When purchasing a screw air compressor, added all the airconsumption of each equipment that uses compressed air, and then reserve 10%-20% reserved amount.
  2. In general, it is enough to choose the highest pressure (do not add them together), but if the pressure difference is very large, it needs to be adjusted according to the actual situation. Please consult Elang group for professional air solutions.KFU-37 kotech compressor
  3. The length of the compressed air end pipeline from the screw air compressor room to the production line, the pressure loss of the elbow, valves, and other parts shall becalculated, and the lost air pressure is converted into the compressed air flow of the screw air compressor, and it is basically enough to add it to the air consumption of the air compressor.
  4. Overload operation of the compressor not only affects its operation efficiency and operation safety, but also leads to overload shutdown in severe cases. Moreover the long-term load state of the motor will also lead to accelerated wear of motor.
  5. The quality inspection of the valve of the air tank is suggested to be carried out once a year, and the quality inspection of the air pressure gauge is suggested tobe carried out once every six months.
  6. The refrigerated air dryer is suggested to be clean each week to reduce the load of refrigerated compressor and enlarge its service life. The desiccant of adsorption air dryer is suggested to be replaced each 10000hrs or two years if the operation hours is less each day.
  7. The filer element of line filters is suggested to replaced each 6000hrs except the active carbon filter. 1000hrs is recommended to replacing filter element of active carbon filter.
  8. Do not mix the lubricating oil of different types and grades. Mixed use will cause sticky deposits, block the oil circuit system, and increase the discharge temperature of the air compressor. The oil should be changed when the oxidation and coking occured.KFU-37-1 kotech compressor
  9. Check the terminals and cables of each equipment on time. It is very easy to have short-circuit faults and cause fire accidents when the cables are overloaded in the hot summer weather. Therefore, it is recommended to have the professional technicians in the air compressor station  to inspect the cables and power circuits every ten days or every month.
  10. When there are air leakage, abnormal noise, or peculiar smell, the screw air compressor system  should be stop running immediately, and the air compressor can only be operated again after the the fault was found and eliminated. The user must set the protective grounding wire of air compressor to ensure that all the metal casings of the compressor are in good contact with the ground, and the grounding resistance should meet the corresponding standards. If it is forced to run after an abnormality occurs, it may cause irreversible equipment damage to the air compressor system and may also cause personal injury.
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