Common faults and handling methods of air compressor

Perspective view of kotech air compressor

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Common startup/jump failures and their handling、Cause and handling of startup failure-Air compressor solutions

Kotech has picked out the common problems and solutions for you:
Fault symptom: When the air compressor starts, the running indicator is off and the main motor is not started.

Cause analysis:

  1. Fuse is burned out;
  2. Protective relay action;
  3. Starting relay failure;
  4. Poor contact of start button;
  5. Voltage is too low;
  6. Motor failure;
  7. Body failure;
  8. Action of under-phase protection relay;
  9. The air compressor is not reset after the severity fault alarm.

Treatment methods:

  1. Replace the fuse
  2.  Check the proofreading relay;
  3. Check and repair the starting button after the power supply is normal;
  4. Check the recovery power supply;
  5. Repair and eliminate motor faults;
  6. Check the cause of the body failure and eliminate it
  7. Check the phase sequence of power supply and motor;
  8. Reset the alarm signal.

Perspective view of kotech air compressor

The cause and treatment of trip and shutdown?

Fault phenomenon: one or more air compressors trip and stop in normal operation or trip and stop in a short time after the start of air compressors.

Air compressor Cause analysis:

  1. Motor voltage and power voltage abnormal;
  2. The exhaust pressure of the unit exceeds the rated pressure, and the motor is overloaded, causing the motor thermal protection action;
  3. The specification of lubricating oil is not correct, the lubrication effect is poor, and the motor overload causes the motor thermal protection action.
  4. The oil separation group is blocked (the lubricating oil pressure is high), resulting in the protection action of the oil separator pressure difference is large, or the motor overload causes the motor thermal protection action;
  5. compressor  body failure, such as rotor carbon deposition, friction, entering foreign bodies, etc.;
  6. Poor wiring, loose wiring, contactor failure;
  7. High exhaust temperature fault;
  8. Oil cut-off solenoid valve failure;
  9. Check whether the pressure setting is reasonable.

Air compressor Treatment methods:

  1. Check the motor power supply and voltage;
  2.  Check the pressure gauge, if the pressure exceeds the set pressure, adjust the pressure switch;
  3. Check the oil number and replace the oil;
  4. Replace the oil separator;
  5. When the hand disk rotates, if it cannot rotate, the host shall be repaired, and the host shall contact the manufacturer for troubleshooting in the warranty period of the equipment;
  6. Maintenance or replacement;
  7. Check the cooling water and clean the cooler;
  8. Clean or replace the oil break solenoid valve;
  9. Check whether the upper limit of the pressure switch is too low, or the upper limit of the pressure switch is lower than the shutdown pressure set by the joint control cabinet of the air compressor;

kotech air compressor control systems

Air compressor Long time empty running but not stop the reason and treatment?

Fault symptom: The air compressor is empty for a long time, but the motor does not stop.
Cause analysis:The most likely cause is a faulty time relay, Compressor Generally set 15~20min empty motor outage, if the motor has been empty but not outage, should be checked first.
Treatment methods:Check the control loop and adjust the time relay.

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