Current Overload Problems | Air Compressor Troubleshooting Guide

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Why the operating current of air compressor is lower than normal and how to deal with it?

Cause analysis:

1) Air consumption is too large, and the air compressor runs in the low pressure range;
2) Air filter blockage;
3) Bad action of intake valve;
4) Improper adjustment of capacity regulating valve.

Treatment methods:

1) Check the consumption and add compressors if necessary;
2) Check or replace;
3) Disassemble, clean and add lubricating grease
4) Reset and adjust.

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Three – way solenoid valve fault caused by the motor overcurrent

Cause analysis:

Three way solenoid valve is a two three usually closed solenoid valve, normally closed, electric open.

When heavy truck is needed, the valve can be opened electrically, so that the pressure in the system can be transmitted to the intake valve cylinder pipeline, so as to open the intake valve and realize the operation of heavy truck.When empty, the valve power off and close, cut off the pressure supply of the intake valve cylinder pipeline, close the intake valve, realize empty (at this time the discharge solenoid valve discharge).

If the three-way solenoid valve failure, such as spool card when the need for empty car, the valve power can not close, can not close the intake valve.The air compressor will continue to load and run beyond the rated working pressure, causing the motor to exceed the current;

In some cases, the motor thermocouple does not operate, and the safety door moves when the pressure of the air compressor safety door is set

Pressure switch failure caused by motor overcurrent.

Cause analysis:

Pressure switch failure or pressure switch set value drift or jam, so that the air compressor can not timely unload when reaching the set pressure limit, will make the air compressor over rated working pressure to continue to load and run, and cause motor overcurrent.

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Motor supercurrent caused by blockage of oil fine separator

Cause analysis:

When the pressure drop of the oil separator element exceeds 0.08mpa (the difference between the two pressure gauges: the pressure before the filter element and the exhaust pressure), the oil separaor element should be stopped and replaced.This is because the unloading of the machine is based on the separation pressure (exhaust pressure) as the standard, if the unloading pressure of the machine is set as rated pressure, the actual load of the motor is rated pressure plus 0.08mpa pressure difference, motor overload operation and cause motor overcurrent.

Judgment method of blockage of oil separator:

(1) If the oil separator is damaged or broken, the oil content in the discharged air increases, the refueling cycle is shortened, and in serious cases, all the lubricating oil will be taken away by compressed air.

(2) When the oil separator is blocked, the motor load increases, the current increases, the oil pressure increases, and the motor thermal relay protection action is serious.

(3) When the differential pressure switch of the oil separator exceeds the set value (0.1mpa), the differential pressure switch will operate, or when the internal timing time is zero, the control panel will show that the oil fine separator is blocked, indicating that the oil fine separator is blocked, and time should be immediately arranged for replacement.

(4) The above phenomena may not all appear when the oil fine separator is blocked. Once any one of them appears, it should be analyzed and judged according to the routine maintenance and overhaul records of the screw air compressor, so as not to misjudge the replacement of the unblocked oil separator and cause economic losses.

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Why and how to deal with the overload of air compressor cooling fan motor?

Fault symptom: The cooling fan trips and stops

Cause analysis:

1) Fan motor failure;

2) Fan motor thermal relay failure (aging);

3) Loose wiring;

4) The cooler is blocked and the exhaust resistance is large.

Treatment methods:

1) Check the fan motor;

2) Replace the thermal relay of the fan motor;

3) Check wiring;

4) Clean the cooler with compressed air or water.

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