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Kotech Air Compressor : Using a Food Air Compressor | Air Compressor Guide

With the continuous progress of science and technology, the automation of food industry is highly developed. As an indispensable part of the production process, the quality of compressed air is very important. Many enterprises and factories do not pay attention to the air quality of the compressed environment. If the compressed air is polluted and is directly used for production without separation, various physical and chemical reactions may occur with the food.

Finally, the health of consumers will be affected, and the reputation of the enterprise will be seriously damaged. This is really inappropriate, How can these accidents be reduced? Today, let’s talk about the correct use of compressed air in the food industry and how Kotech air compressor can be using as a food air compressor.

What are the applications of compressed air in food production?

  1. Indirect use: refers to the compressed air discharged into the general environment of food, including its packaging, process and production equipment or the storage location of food and its components
  2. Direct application: compressed air is used as a part of the production and processing process, including the packaging and transportation of safe food, and the compressed air in direct contact with the finished food or its ingredients is used as a part of the production process.
  3. Non contact application: food production enterprises often “over protect” the air compression system, so it is equally important to pay attention to the non-contact low-risk system. Most factories have a significant proportion (more than 50%) of compressed air entering “factory air” applications, which will not be in contact with food or food packaging machinery at all.


Food Air Compressor

How Kotech air compressor can be using as a food air compressor?

Kotech’s dry oil free screw air compressor is used as the power source of the food industry. It can improve high quality oil free compressed air for the food industry. In fact, there are many kinds of equipment produced in the food industry, but they are all highly demanding. Because the food industry involves health issues, the dry oil free screw air compressor needs to ensure that it can produce excellent oil free compressed air, so as to ensure the health of food. Kotech’s dry oil free screw air compressor can meet the needs of the food industry for food air compressors, mainly because it can provide:

  1. Provide pure and oil free compressed air to realize clean production.
  2. With few consumable parts, low operating cost and no loss of lubricating oil during operation, it is suitable for continuous work.
  3. PLC programmable control system is adopted, with high degree of automation. With various temperature and pressure protection, it is easy to operate and maintain.
  4. Small air supply pulsation, low noise and compact structure.
  5. The rotor and shell surface are coated to prevent rusting and air pollution. The compressor has high efficiency and long service life.
  6. The synchronous gear realizes the non-contact operation of the rotor and always maintains the high efficiency of the unit.
  7. With world famous GHH air end, Siemens motor, Siemens PLC and Siemens Inverter to ensure the high quality and stable running.

kotech air compressor

From the above, we can get the reason why the food industry chooses the Kotech dry oil-free screw air compressor. For more details about the Kotech dry oil free screw air compressor, please consult Kotech directly.

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