Methods for cooling air compressor in summer

Methods for cooling air compressor

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Approaches to air compressor cooling | Air Compressor Guide

Lubricating oil is one of the key “partners” of air compressors, and it is a necessity to protect air compressors. For the movable components of the air compressor to reduce friction, at the same time, there are cooling, sealing, cleaning, rust treatment and other effects. High temperature is one of the common failure factors of air compressor.

So choose a compressor for high temperature environment, such as air-cooled and water-cooled compressors, today we mainly explain the lubricant oil temperature for air compressors.

air compressor cooling


High temperature of air compressor lubricating oil will not only reduce the service life, but also affect the operation of the unit. Especially in July, the weather is hot and high temperature often occurs.

It is necessary to manage the oil temperature of the air compressor lubricating oil:

  1. Open the skylight and window doors of the air compressor station for natural ventilation. In a very high temperature climate, you can also regularly use cool water to wash the air pressure room floor temperature reduction countermeasures.
  2. In high temperature weather in summer, the temperature of water cooling in the circulation system continues to rise, which makes the efficiency of the oil cooler poor and the oil temperature rises rapidly. Therefore, heat reduction measures should be adopted immediately to reduce the temperature of cooling circulating water.
  3. Check the air compressor lubricating oil, the remaining oil is insufficient, and the new oil should be added immediately; Air compressor in the poor use of natural environment application, to reduce the replacement cycle time.

Keep the oil cooler unobstructed and check the application effect of the cooling tower regularly. Oil cooler blockage is one of the factors of oil temperature rise. If it is found that the oil cooler is blocked, it should be cleaned immediately to ensure the cooling effect and operation of the equipment.

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