Screw air compressor for electronic industry applications

Screw air compressors for electronic industry applications

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Screw air compressor for electricity industry | Air Compressor Guide

Screw air compressors for thermal power

Thermal power generation is a production process in which the chemical energy of coal, oil, natural gas and other fuels is converted into electronic industry energy by thermal power generation equipment.

1.Control instrument with compressed air system application

  • The operation of thermal generating sets requires a large number of control instruments to support the operation; The action controlled by these meters is done by compressed air;
  • Compressed air is mainly used in steam power boilers and electric generators on the steam operation and control instruments.

2.Ash removal with compressed air system applicationScrew air compressor for electronic industry

  • Deash system according to different pressure can be divided into negative pressure deash system, positive pressure deash system, low positive pressure deash system and hydraulic deash system.
    In the four ash removal systems, the main positive pressure ash removal system needs to use compressed air, mainly using air compressor and bin pump to form positive pressure in the ash pipeline, so as to carry out ash removal.

3.Factory miscellaneous compressed air system application

  • Because the thermal power plant equipment pipeline more, and power transmission equipment pipeline requirements are very high, so the need to use compressed air to overhaul the machine, blow pipe.

4.Water treatment with compressed air system application

  • Thermal power generation depends on coal combustion heating high pressure water steam drive steam wheel converted into mechanical energy to drive motor power generation, high pressure water steam needs to supply a lot of water, so the need to supply water system, there are some pneumatic diaphragm valve and pneumatic instrument between the water treatment system equipment, need to rely on compressed air to achieve;
    In addition, in the wastewater treatment system of water treatment system, wastewater stirring and some pneumatic equipment instruments also need to use compressed air.

5.Air compressor in the thermal power industry in other applications

  •  Flue gas desulfurization.

Screw air compressor for electronic industry

Screw air compressors for hydroelectric power

Hydroelectric power generation mainly uses the water flow difference to convert water energy into electric energy, and the equipment used is relatively less than that of thermal power stations. The application of screw air compressor is mainly in the following aspects:
1.Compressed air system for turbine commissioning

  • Due to the need for hydraulic turbine commissioning hydraulic regulating system to regulate the pressure, the pressure regulating system is mainly through high pressure air to pressurize the storage tank, and then through hydraulic pressure to promote the operation of the regulating system.

2.Factory miscellaneous compressed air system

  • With thermal power generation, mainly used for equipment maintenance and pipeline purging, but the gas consumption is much smaller than thermal power.

3.Screw air compressor for electronic industry(equipment power)

  • It is mainly used for switching between generating sets and braking of generating sets.Industrial application of air compressor (compressed air) – electricityNuclear power generation.

Nuclear power plant is a new type of power plant that generates electricity from the energy stored in the nucleus of the atom. The main applications of nuclear power plants are as follows:
1.Control instrument with compressed air system

  • With thermal power generation, but because nuclear power equipment is expensive, many are imported precision instruments, so the air quality requirements are very high, generally choose oil-free machine.

2.Factory miscellaneous compressed air system

  • The same thermal power generation, mainly used for equipment maintenance and pipeline purging.

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