How to solve high & low temp faults of air compressor?

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How to solve high & low temp faults of air compressor? | Air Compressor Trouble Shooting Guide

High temperature alarm or shutdown reasons and treatment?

Fault symptoms:

When the compressor is running, the high exhaust temperature exceeds 100℃ will cause protection action.

Cause analysis:

  1. Insufficient amount of lubricating oil and incorrect specification of lubricating oil;
  2. Insufficient cooling water and high cooling water temperature;
  3. The solenoid valve is not powered or the coil is damaged, the diaphragm is broken or aging;
  4. The ambient temperature exceeds the specified range;
  5. Oil cooler blocked;
  6. For the air cooled air compressor, there are cooling fan motor failure, cooling fan damage wind pipe is not smooth or exhaust resistance (back pressure) is large;
  7. Thermal control valve failure;
  8. Air filter is blocked;
  9. The oil filter is blocked, the opening of the lubricating oil supply regulating valve is small, and the oil flow is too small;
  10. Temperature switch display failure;

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Treatment methods:

  1. If the oil level is lower than L, please stop for fuel H and check the oil change product;
  2. Check the temperature difference between inlet and outlet water pipes and check the inlet water temperature;
  3. Maintenance and replacement;
  4. Increase the exhaust air and lower the room temperature;
  5. Check the temperature difference between the inlet and outlet water pipes. The normal difference is about 5~8℃. If it is greater than 9℃, the oil cooler pipeline may be blocked;
  6. Repair and replace the cooling fan, the exhaust pipe is not smooth or the exhaust resistance is cleaned with high pressure air;
  7. Check whether the oil is cooled by the oil cooler, if not, replace the heat control valve;
  8. Clean the air filter with low-pressure air;
  9. Replace the oil filter and increase the oil flow regulating valve;
  10. Repair and replace the temperature switch.

What is the cause and treatment of lower than normal air compressor exhaust temperature?

Fault symptoms:

When the compressor is running, the exhaust temperature is lower than 75℃, which is not conducive to the safe operation of the unit.

Cause analysis:

  1. Too much cooling water;
  2. Low ambient temperature;
  3. The exhaust temperature is incorrect;
  4. Failure of thermal control valve (temperature control valve);
  5. Oil flow is too large;

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Treatment methods:

  1. Adjust the cooling water quantity;
  2. Adjust the cooling water temperature;
  3. Replace the temperature sensor;
  4. Replace/clean the heat control valve (temperature control valve);
  5. Adjust the oil flow control valve;

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