I Found Some Great Items for Screw Air Compressor System Installation

I Found Some Great Items for Screw Air Compressor System Installation

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When received the screw air compressor system, do you know how to choose the compressor room and arrange the installation of the whole screw air compressor system? Today Kotech Compressor will teach you about these.

KOTECH Group provides Air compressed solutions for mining equipment, construction and all general industries, with high quality screw air compressor which uses the GHH air end, Siemens motor, Siemens inverter, Siemens PLC, Siemens electric elements, and etc. Most the spare parts uses the world famous brand parts to ensure the quality. For Kotech compressed air compressor system, the installation flow chart for screw air compressor system normally as below:


Screw Air Compressor Systems Flowchart


Air compressor installation precautions:

 Selection of installation site

The selection of the air compressor installation site is the most neglected by the users. normally after the air compressor is purchased, a place is found casually, and it is used immediately after piping. However, such a sloppy result will lead to the failure of the air compressor in the future, difficult maintenance and poor air quality. Therefore, a proper installation site is a prerequisite for the correct use of the air compressor system.

Selection of installation site

  • Choose a spacious place with good lighting to facilitate the space and lighting required for operation, maintenance and repair.
  • Choose a place with low air humidity, less dust, fresh air and good ventilation, and avoid water mist, acid mist, oil mist, dusty and fibrous environment.
  • The heating temperature between the compressors in the compressor air station should not be lower than 15℃, and the temperature of the compressor room during non-working hours should not be lower than 5℃.
  • When the air inlet or the cooling air inlet of the compressor unit is set indoors, the indoor ambient temperature should not be greater than 40°C.
  • If the factory environment is poor and there is a lot of dust, pre-filter equipment is suggested to be installed to ensure the service life of the air compressor system.
  • When the air delivery of one compressor is equal to or greater than 20 m3/min and a total installed air delivery equal to or greater than 60 m3/min, it is suggested to be equipped with lifting equipment for maintenance, its lifting capacity should be the same as that of the heaviest part in air compressor unit.
  • Reserve the maintenance space. The width between the air compressor unit and the wall is a distance of 0.8 to 1.5 m according to the size of the air compressor.

Precautions for compressed air piping

You can read about and get a detailed guide to heat dissipation in air compressors on the website “RASTGAR-CO.COM“.

  1. When piping the main pipeline, the pipeline must have an inclination of 1° to 2° to facilitate the discharge of condensed water in the pipeline.
  2. The pressure drop of pipeline shall not exceed 5% of the service pressure of the air compressor, so it is better to select the pipeline with a value greater than the design value when piping.
  3. The branch pipeline must be connected from the top of the main pipeline to prevent the condensate in the main pipeline from flowing down to the working machinery or back to the air compressor.
  4. The pipeline shall not be reduced or enlarged at will. The reducer shall be used for the pipeline. If the reducer is not used, there will be turbulence at the joint, which will lead to a large pressure drop and adversely affect the service life of the pipeline. cartoon-compressed-air
  5. If there are after treatment equipment such as air tank and air dryer after the air compressor, the ideal piping sequence should be air compressor+air receiver+air filter + air dryer + air filters. The air tank can filter part of the condensate water, and also has the function of reducing the air temperature. The load of the air dryer can be reduced by introducing the compressed air with lower temperature and less water content into the dryer.
  6. If the air consumption is large and the time is short, it is better to install an additional air tank as a buffer, so as to reduce the number of loading and unloading of the air compressor, which is of great benefit to the service life of the air compressor.
  7. Elbows and valves shall be minimized in the pipeline.
  8. The ideal piping is to surround the whole plant with the main line, so that two-way compressed air can be obtained at any position. If the gas consumption of a branch line suddenly increases, the pressure drop can be reduced. In addition, the annular main pipeline shall be equipped with appropriate valve groups to facilitate cutting off during maintenance.
  9. When the air output pipes of multiple air compressors are connected in parallel, there is no need to install one way valves at the output end of the air compressor.

Except the those, there are still other aspects to be pay attention during the installation. Kotech compressor will continue this topic in next week. We also have the blog of different topics about screw compressor and mining equipment. Welcome to follow our blog: https://blog.kotechgroup.com/.

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